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We are your home for all things women’s health and well-being, nutrition and exercise. Founded and led by Louise, supported by a dedicated team of experts, we’re firm believers in better answers, a better lifestyle, and better ways of navigating each life stage.

Our Vision

At Blossom Wellness, we envision a world where women’s health, particularly around the key life stages (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, postnatal and menopause) are openly discussed and supported. Through education, resources, and community, we aim to empower women to understand their bodies, make informed decisions, and embrace every stage of their lives with confidence and support.

What we do

Your body and your mind hold the keys to a better well-being and improved health, but here at Blossom Wellness, we simply guide you to unlocking them.

Through evidence-based science and compassion, we’re crafting the resources necessary for you to harness the power of your health, hormones and how you experience life day-to-day, empowering you to thrive at each life stage.

Meet our Founder

Our Vision

Louise’s path to founding Blossom Wellness was forged in the demanding world of elite sports, where she not only worked with the top athletes but also faced her own significant women’s health challenges in silence behind the scenes. It was this continuous struggle that would pivot her life’s direction.

Frustrated by the lack of clear answers from general practitioners and relying on her own diligent research, Louise discovered a deep-seated passion for women’s health. This realisation prompted her to shift her focus from the demanding world of professional sports to a more fulfilling mission: empowering women through health education.

With a background in scientific research and a degree, supplemented by experience in maternity services and coaching women, Louise wanted to make significant impact on the world of women’s health.

Blossom Wellness emerged from her dedication to provide women with scientifically-backed resources and support, all tailored to meet the challenges of real-life situations. Through her work, Louise embodies the conviction that with the right guidance, education, and practical application, women can achieve the life and well-being that they dream of.

Her journey from elite sports to the heart of women’s health advocacy highlights a pathway of empowerment, expertly guided by knowledge, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to women’s well-being.


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