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An expert led platform dedicated to elevating womens health and wellbeing at every lifestage – empowering you through education and support.

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What is Blossom Wellness?

Blossom Wellness is your trusted platform for women’s health and well-being. Our aim is to provide women with an online space that is easily accessible, packed full of information, and free of any medical jargon; that you can apply to enhance your health and well-being.

Gain access to expert information and advice with our free resources, coaching, webinars (COMING SOON), and community, tailored to your specific life stage thanks to our focus on menopause, pregnancy, postnatal care, and menstrual health.

We are still in our early days of starting up, but we have big plans!

Your Lifestage

Discover resources and actionable advice developed specifically to enhance your health and well-being at each lifestage

We understand your health and well-being changes as you grow through life. We’ve tailored our information to help.

Menopause Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

Menopause Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

Welcome to Blossom Wellness’ Menopause life stage, where hope to we accompany you through the menopausal transition. Menopause, often referred…

Menstrual Cycle Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

Menstrual Cycle Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

The menstrual cycle is a privtol aspect to women’s health and well-being. The menstrual cycle (AKA, periods) influence far more…

Post Natal Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

Post Natal Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

Welcome to the postnatal life stage, a dedicated space designed to provide you with guidance through one of the biggest,…

Pregnancy Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

Pregnancy Lifestyle & Wellness Advice

Step into the Blossom Wellness Pregnancy life stage, a nurturing space to guide you through the remarkable journey of pregnancy….

About Blossom Wellness

About Blossom Wellness

Hi, I’m Louise. Founder of Blossom Wellness.

Throughout a woman’s life, we face many bodily and lifestyle changes that undeniably have an impact on us and how we experience our lives day to day. Up until now, these experiences have been labeled as ‘part of life’ and we have been made to feel as though this is just what we have to accept….but not anymore. We’re dedicated to shattering the taboos surrounding women’s health and experiences, fostering a community of understanding, knowledge, and support. We believe in rewriting the narrative, ensuring that women no longer have to silently endure the concerns, pains, and misunderstandings that the women before us had to confront in silence.

My passion lies in championing women’s health and well-being. Through Blossom Wellness, I am on a mission to provide women with unbiased, evidence-based information that’s not only realistic but also applicable to their everyday lives. I believe every woman should have access to knowledge and tools that will empower them to make informed decisions and navigate each life stage on their terms. Whilst Blossom Wellness is still in its infancy, it is our goal to facilitate the most comprehensive resource for women’s health and wellness, a journey that requires dedication, but one that we are wholeheartedly committed to!

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How to get involved

Ready to improve your daily lifestyle? Get started below to explore how Blossom can help and join women across the world taking charge of their health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Blossom Wellness and how we promote Women’s Health

What does Blossom Wellness do?
Blossom Wellness is your trusted platform for women’s health and well-being. We are working to create a library of resources to help women of all ages access the information they need to improve their health and wellbeing at each lifestage – Menstrual Health, Pregnancy, Postnatal and Menopause. We provide a range of support and resources tailored to the unique needs of women. This include personalised one-to-one coaching and a library of reliable and educational articles. As well as this, we are currently working on creating informative courses and expert-led webinars that will help you on your wellness journey. We dream of having a vibrant community that you can access at any time, where you can connect with women just like you.
Is Blossom Wellness right for me?
Answer 1Blossom Wellness is for everyone, not just some. We believe that it should be every woman’s right to receive education on what to expect in her lifetime and at each lifestage. Age is no barrier to us! We support women throughout their entire lifetimes. Whether you are experiencing periods for the first time, trying to get pregnant, expecting your first child, navigating the challenges of the postnatal period, or scrambling through the menopause, we support you through it all. With Blossom Wellness, every woman can feel seen.
How can Blossom Wellness help me improve my health and well-being?
Blossom Wellness is dedicated to enhancing every day well-being as a woman. We offer a holistic approach to health, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional aspects. Whether you’re looking for personalised guidance from an expert, the knowledge to go-at it alone, or seeking to connect with like-minded individuals, Blossom Wellness is here to support your journey to better health and well-being. Explore our website to discover how we can empower you to blossom at every stage of life.
Who is behind Blossom Wellness?
Blossom Wellness is founded and led by Louise, a dedicated advocate for women’s health and well-being. Louise’s experience spans a wide range of circumstances, from working at the top of Elite Sport as a Sport and Exercise Scientist in the Premier League, to delivering antenatal classes alongside Midwives in her local community and coaching 100’s of women to achieve their lifestyle goals. Louise specialises in lifestyle, and helping women like you understand and make adjustments to your every day life which in return yield incredible health and wellness changes. But it isn’t just Louise. At Blossom Wellness, we collaborate with experts in each lifestage in order to provide you with up-to-date, evidence-based and unbiased advice. Louise and our experts understand the needs of women and are dedicated to providing guidance and support to women like you.
Where can I find information on upcoming events, news, webinars or courses offered by Blossom Wellness?
To stay informed about upcoming events, news and what is going on at Blossom Wellness*, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter (don’t worry, we don’t bombard you with emails!). Here we keep our community up to date with relevant information on events and articles that are helpful to you. *We are currently working on the beginning of creating a community that can be a support network for women like you, taking charge of their lives and working to improve their health and well-being. Plus, we are in the early stages of planning our expert-led webinars
How can I get involved?
Get involved by leaving comments on our articles with your experience, tips, tricks, and advice for other women that might be experiencing similar issues. You can also join our expert-led webinars and share our articles with your friends and family. As a platform that champions women helping other women, we want to share real stories of the challenges women have faced during the lifestages. So if you would like to be a part of showing other Blossom ladies that they are not alone then get in contact with us to share your story! Scroll down to our footer to find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Stay up to date with our very own Knowledge Hub. It’s the place you can find information about any of the lifestages or Women’s Health.

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